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5 My SAVE AS won't default to jpg?

I want my SAVE AS to default to jpg (or GIF) but it keeps defaulting to the PSP format?

version 5 users ...
In version 5 you can't, use SAVE COPY AS instead.

version 6 users ...
Instead of trying to work that out, I added the "export to jpeg" button to my toolbar- not only does it save as a jpeg, it lets me use the jpeg preview thingie

Version 7 users ...

Crunch those file sizes down until just before the image turns to crap ... then back off a little and SAVE.   :=)

Oh yeah, you can also find it on the file menu

and there's one for GIFs too


To get more buttons on the toolbar uncheck large text.

Putting "Export as Jpeg" in the toolbar is my favorite solution to this.
But here's probably the answer you were looking for:
Menu> File> Preferences> General Program Preferences> Dialogs & Palettes
Check Remember last type used in file save-as dialog.  Hit "OK"
SAVE AS jpeg the first time around, and you'll be set from then on.

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