15 How do I add fonts to PSP?

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My fonts are gone?

Your resources may be low
reboot your computer.

Got Adobe Type Manager?
Turn off the onscreen font smoothing.

How do I add fonts to PSP?

To add fonts to PSP you must add them to Windows, PSP reads all True Type Fonts that are properly installed in Windows.  To install them:  Go to Control Panel> Fonts> File> Install New Font

Step by step for installing fonts

The proper way to install new fonts into PSP is the same way you install any font into windows. If it is installed in windows, and it is a TTF(true type font), it will be available for use in PSP.

With version 6, because of the added vector capabilities, you must have the variation of the font installed as well, if you want to use bold, italics, etc. This is not an issue with version 5.

  1. Click the start button, then settings, then open up the control panel. Double click the FONT folder and open it.
  2. Click file from the drop down menu & choose install new fonts
  3. Select the folder where your new fonts are residing & highlight fonts you want to install (or click Select All to choose all the fonts at once)
  4. Click "OK" and you are done, and thats it!

There's a better way
Manage your fonts like a pro!

Paint Shop Pro selects fonts the same way as just about every other Windows program. The list of fonts PSP lets you select from are the fonts the system knows about (minus a few fonts that PSP can't rasterize).

Which fonts does the system know about?
Mostly it knows about all the fonts you've installed in C:\Windows\Fonts\. You can install about a thousand fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts\, but there's two bad things about doing that.  First, Windows starts misbehaving once the limit for that folder is reached, and it will sometimes start pitching old fonts - often the first font Windows pitches over the side is the font that's used for your desktop and Explorer!

Another bad thing about having too many fonts installed in C:\Windows\Fonts\ is that every time you boot, Windows loads up all those fonts to use them in applications. This slows down your boot time, and if you are short of memory, it slows down everything you do.  Bad.

Fontaholics, "the real savvy font users" keep most of their fonts in other folders, and only have their most essential fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts

What good will putting my fonts someplace else do?
Windows won't know about them?

Here's a cool trick that lets you use a font
that's anywhere on your system

  • Go into Windows Explorer and double-click on the icon for the font. That brings up a font viewer control which shows you some information about the font and many of the characters in the font.
  • If you have a font in, say, C:\Windows\Other Fonts\, all you need to use it in Paint Shop Pro, is to double-click that font and leave the font viewer control open. Go select your PSP text tool, and that font should now appear on your PSP font list.
  • You don't need to close Paint Shop Pro and reopen it to get your hands on that font - but you do have to close PSP's Text Entry dialog before the list of fonts can be updated.

Using a font manager

View your font in a font manager and it becomes available in PSP.  Some font managers preload all the fonts in the same directory as the font you're viewing and make them available too, some don't.

Get a font manager

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