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17 Filling text with a pattern or gradient? 

Load the pattern you wish and then put the text over it as a selection.
Now promote that selection to a layer and hide the background pattern layer.
You now have your text filled with the pattern. and on its own layer.


Hot Tip

 The best way to center text (or anything) is to just leave it selected,



Click your Move tool to rightclick drag those empty selection marquees around the image.

Better filled text

Choose Selection in your text box and apply your text marquee

Click the move tool to activate it.

Now you can right-click drag that empty selection marquee around your picture shopping for the best location.  See something you like? Hit Copy and then Paste your newly filled text wherever you like.


Another method
use your flood fill tool with pattern as the fill
Make your Tool Options palette visible.
This palette is best kept out open until you know the program


  • Have an active text selection marquee on your image
  • Click the bucket on your tool palette (this activates & presents your flood fill options)
  • Select Pattern from the drop down list on Tool Options palette (control palette in PSP5)
  • Click that Flood Fill Options tab reveals new pattern sources
  • Choose a pattern from your opened images
  • Flood fill your marquee.

For gradient blends
follow that same path
choose a style from the list
click on the flood fill options
click on EDIT to design your gradient
flood fill the text marquee
with your gradient design.

Hot Tip

Flood filling text one letter at a time choose Match Mode RGB
Flood filling the entire text at once choose Match Mode None

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