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18 Is PSP for painting, photo editing or drawing?
Is it just for artists
or regular people too?

Paint Shop Pro is a general purpose graphics program which supplies the basic tools for creating images.  In keeping with the general purpose use, the functions within PSP tend to be basic, such as a paintbrush, line tools, fill tools, clone and similar tools.  

Graphics programs that supply 'Canned' artwork may have some nice images included, but everyone that buys the program has the same exact image. It's much better to do your own original images than put in an image that everyone has, even if your own work isn't as 'Professional' appearing, because it's your very own work.  It's all yours, and nobody can make that statement except you.  Most of us would rather see new attempts, even if they're raw and rough, than the hundredth copy of the Mona Lisa on a web site.  Learn the basic tools, find a few that increase your creativity and paint something new and fresh!
-Ron Vick

Is there a talent button that lets me paint a Mona Lisa?
Is PSP for regular people or just for artists?

No talent button but PSP will give you the tools necessary to put what is in your mind on to a digital media. You are only limited by your mind.
-Joe Cilinceon

If there is a talent button, I haven't found it yet!  But with PSP and some of the excellent tutorials you'll find online, you can certainly learn to create pleasing graphics. You might never be a Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo (... oh, wait... those are turtles aren't they?) but you can
certainly create a variety of graphics using clip art, shapes, and - in PSP6 - the vector tools.
Cheryle Jones Cerezo

What is PSP for and what does it do?
Is it for painting, photo editing or drawing?

Yes, yes, and again, yes.  

PSP combines ease of use for the dedicated "hands-on" user with a vast repertoire of tricks, tips, features, and functions. The only limitations to what can be accomplished with PSP are (as with anything you create) your imagination and command of your media.

While not exactly for the occasional user, PSP offers (at 1/10th - or better - the price of "Other" high-end graphics applications) functionality very soon after installation; in no time the new user will have expanded his/her knowledge of the program exponentially, and PSP actually smoothes the learning curve by making it fun.

A multitude of on-line and published tutorials allow new users to emulate, experiment, and learn new techniques for themselves: "Cool! Look what I did!".

For more experienced users, PSP provides a range of expandable tools that
take the pain out of painting in digital media (sorry). The latest versions of PSP offer the versatility of layering and vectoring (animation too in bundled software, Animation Shop), and supports almost any file format available.  Thousands of special-effects filters for Photoshop applications are also supported and can be used with Paint Shop Pro.

Want to paint or draw? Very soon, every new image you create will be your masterpiece! The mouse is your brush (or pencil/marker/crayon/pastel/charcoal/etc... ), the mouse pad your palette.  

Photo-retouching techniques, from simple "red-eye" treatment, to aging a sepia look to other colorations, restorations, and complete alterations.

Never again have to say, here we are in Maui-
too bad those hydro poles ruined the sunset

With original images all things are possible. As with everything in this program, if you have a mind to do it, it can be done to create,modify, or improve your images.
(With a little editing, i coulda been a copy writer, and no, I don't work for Jasc) Goheen

Okay James, you got a little editing and are now a copy writer.-ed


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