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21  Good grief... those numbers can't be my real file sizes?  Relax they're not


Uh oh?  Who can ya trust?

Not every place we see file sizes listed in Paint Shop Pro reflects the correct numbers we need on JPGs and GIFs.

As we crunch JPGs and GIFs down nice and tight for faster loading pages it's real important to know what size those compressed files really are.

The unpacked numbers shown down on the status bar and in the Image Information box are misleading and not the true file size.

Those numbers reflect the "unpacked" uncompressed file sizes including file data for any additional layers, masks, selections and whatever is currently happening in that opened image.

Some Good News
Install the new JPG and GIF Export Buttons on your tool palette & compress pictures down to their smallest file size for web pages.

Two handy preview windows for the before & after views as you compress those files down into faster loading pages.

Don't look down here for true file sizes
This heartbreaking number is not the real deal.
The vmoo.gif file is actually only 9K


Don't look here either.

These 2 spots may appear to be our most likely source but they do not reflect the actual compressed numbers we need.  Especially for our GIFs and JPGs.


 Where are my valid file sizes?
 Where are my valid file sizes?

      • SAVE or SAVE AS or OPEN dialog boxes
      • Paint Shop Pro Browser
      • PSP6's JPG & GIF Exports boxes
      • Windows Explorer


All the SAVE & OPEN dialog boxes have numbers you can trust.

Click on that details icon (upper right corner) on your Open dialog box
to reveal the precise file sizes on everything.  

Details buttons on the Save & Open dialog boxes give us the real scoop
There will be minor variations in sizes reported between sources.
Some boxes round up to the next number and others don't.
This slight variation is very minimal and no big deal.

You can use your SAVE AS & OPEN dialog boxes to check numbers
without opening or saving files.  Just grab your file info & cancel the box.


The browser has sizes you can count on!

Be sure to update your browser files for
the most recent size info
if you've made changes
to an image
Menu> file> Update Thumbnails

PSP6 mouse over thumbs
for solid info info info....

PSP 5/6 Right click any thumbnail>
choose Information

 We can scheme, plot 'n plan, compare 'n shop, without even opening those images.

Trust those annoying little boxes that keep jumping in your face.  They are good friends feeding you valuable & trustworthy info.

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