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Editing color palettes
I'm never stuck with any bunch of lousy colors that my color reduction foisted off on me.

Even a scrawny little 2 color job
can be transformed into anything
from my 16.7 million color pool.
Yeah, it may default to black & white
but I'm doing teal & peach




  • First we reduce the color depth on the image. We can only edit palettes
    that have been reduced to 256 colors or less
  • When we reduce colors manually (Menu> colors> Decrease color depth)
    we can edit palette right then & there.
  • When we reduce by GIF EXPORT the original image remains unchanged &
    we need to open our freshly saved Gif to edit its palette.

  • Rightclick & download this screen captured image
  • Duplicate this image> Menu> Window> Duplicate
  • Menu> colors> Reduce Color Depth> choose 16
  • Choose Windows /Nearest Color
    Seriously ugly colors will hop on your newly reduced image.

    Let's edit those colors
  • Menu> Colors> Edit Palette
  • With this box open run your mouse over to the ugly green on your newly reduced image to highlight that color in the edit box.
  • Double clicking that highlighted swatch calls up your 16 mil colors.
  • We can now select any color from this box, say OKAY to replace any undesirable color with our new color choices.  But don't do that.

Shortcut-hijack those original colors right off that first image.

Bypass the Color Box, make a beeline with your mouse straight over to original image & Colorpick-grab the original color.  Clicking on the original color auto-inserts into the color box. Say okay to the color box. That butt-ugly pea green titlebar is back to it's original color.

Get creative with a 16+ mil palette or just hijack some color themes
& layouts from other opened images.

Crop rather than resize large gifs whenever possible.

Solid drop shadows offer
less transparency hassles
& smaller files.

Successfully presenting to a world of different eyeballs, connections, monitors & browsers, means take time to make the best compromises and choices for our web formats and settings.  A good image is only the beginning.

That job ain't done till she's SAVED in a way that won't kill off visitors with slow downloads.


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