PSP7 questions 1-10


To comply with Windows 2k label requirements PSP7 was forced to use a Microsoft installer which may cause problems for a few users.

We realize that hearing
you're in the minority
does not make any pain go away
(heck, it probably makes it worse)

So hang in there
maintain your sense of humor
& we'll attempt to help you sort it out


1 I get an error stating Error 2355 when trying to install?
Usually because of a bad download or a corrupted temp directory.

First, confirm you actually got a complete download

If you have the licensed version of Paint Shop Pro the file should be called psp700ee.exe & exactly 33,554,896 bytes. To verify right click on that file & choose Properties.

If it's an evaluation version the file is called psp700ev.exe & should be exactly 33,608,811 bytes in size. Verify by right clicking on the file & choose Properties.

If your file size doesn't match-up, go get a fresh download & keep a close eye to be sure it's not interrupted.  A few problems have been reported with some Gozilla downloads.

Your file appeared to be good? ... then let's rebuild that Temp Directory.

(there's nothing valuable in the TEMP folder ... delete this one, it may be corrupt)
Close all opened running applications
Double click MY COMPUTER
double click on C:\
Double click on the WINDOWS FOLDER
Click once on TEMP to highlight it
Hit your DELETE key
Say yes

(If you see errors that won't let you delete that TEMP folder, reboot your computer & try it again. If the error persists,
contact  You may have something auto-starting from there & should talk to a technician first.)

(rebuild a new version of the folder that you just deleted)
Right click on an empty part of the window
Name your new folder TEMP & hit ENTER.
try your PSP7 reinstall again




2 I try to install but the installer disappears?
This is usually a result of insufficient hard drive space on the Operating System Hard Disk or Partition. Free up more hard drive space and try the install again. Having at least 500 MB of free space on the Operating System partition is always a good idea.

(link to --> basic hard drive housekeeping tips )

3 During Uninstall it asks for the install file but I don't have it anymore? Try hitting the Cancel Button, it usually just continues & finishes.  If that doesn't work to contact Jasc Technical Support & obtain the Paint Shop Pro MSI fix and uninstall instructions. 952-930-9171 or

4 I cannot remove the "Browse with Paint Shop Pro" entry in Windows 2000? PSP 7 utilizes the new Msi installer to install the program. This installer file monitors the installation of Paint Shop Pro. The Msi will monitor all files that it installed each time that you launch Paint Shop Pro. If a Registry Key is removed, the Msi monitor will note this and replace the missing Registry Key. For this reason, Browse With Paint Shop Pro cannot be removed from the right click menu.

Hot Tip

If you've got a little 7 glitch slowing things up
here's a quickie cleanup you can try:  

  • Close all currently open running programs, including Paint Shop Pro
  • Clean out your Windows Temp folder & delete all those files.  Yes, it is safe to dump them all.
  • Windows Explorer> Jasc Software Inc> Paint Shop Pro7> Cache >delete all the files in that Cache folder.  Don't worry, they'll rebuild when you restart the program.
  • Reset your PSP registry -> Do it either the traditional way or the easy way.

Fire up your PSP & see if things have improved. 
If no, close PSP and try the suggestion below.

  • Control/Alt/Delete & End Task on "ALL" applications and programs running in the background.  You'll need to leave Systray and Explorer running along with any special mouse software, but generally everything else can be shut off.
  • If your situation looks better, begin returning those background running programs "one at a time" to ascertain if any of those little fellas just might be the interfering culprit.

Computers are often shipped with gobs of extra programs loaded up and running in the background that we aren't even aware of. .  Computer builders often ship your machine to you with "way too many chefs in the kitchen".  With all that activity in the background plus the programs you actually do want to run ... there are bound to be spats from time to time.  A lot of that extraneous junk can and should, be shut off.

Still no work?
Post your details to the newsgroup or registered owners can contact Jasc Tech support.


6 During Install I get an error that says " Error 1316 "?
Uninstall Paint Shop Pro 7 & download and run this program

NOTE: Before you begin with the process detailed below remember that instructions for editing the registry are intended for experienced users only. The Windows Registry is at the core of the operating system. Errors made in editing the registry could damage your Operating System beyond repair resulting in loss of data and a required reinstallation of the OS. If while you are in the registry you make an error about which you are right away aware of, immediately turn the machine off. Do NOT close the registry editor, do NOT go to START> SHUTDOWN simply wait 2 minutes & then hit the switch to turn off the machine or cut off power to it. This will cause Windows to load from the backup registry that it makes every time it shuts down properly, hence the mistake that you made will not have saved in the registry and your machine should boot as it did previous to your editing. If you are not comfortable with editing the registry you should take these instructions to an experienced Windows technician or contact the Jasc Software Inc. Technical Support Team at 952-930-9171 who will be happy to walk you through the process of editing the registry.

Simply delete the Paint Shop Pro directory from you hard drive and follow the instructions listed below.

Click "Start," choose "Run," and type "REGEDIT" in the Open text entry box. Click OK. When the Registry Editor opens, click Registry>Export Registry File, choose a filename, and save the file. The program will automatically add a REG extension on to the specified filename when it is saved. This file can serve as a backup if necessary.

After creating the backup, double-click on the following sequence of folders:

Paint Shop Pro 7

The "Paint Shop Pro 7" entry should now be highlighted.

Hit the DELETE key on your keyboard, and click "Yes" to confirm this deletion. Now close REGEDIT.

7 Is PSP 7 compatible with Windows 2000?
Paint Shop Pro 7 has been certified for Windows 2000. Currently Paint Shop Pro 7 will run on Windows 95/98/NT4/2000, and Millennium Edition.

The minimum requirements for Paint Shop Pro 7 are Pentium processor or equivalent, 32 MB of RAM, CD-Rom drive, 75 MB of free space, and at least a 256 Color Display.

The current recommended configuration would be Pentium III 500 or better processor, 128 MB of RAM, 300 MB free hard drive space (for install), and a 32-bit color display adapter at 1024x768 resolution.

8 When I choose to uninstall Paint Shop Pro 7 it begins to install the software?

In order to uninstall Paint Shop Pro 7 please follow the directions below.

1. Click on your "Start button"

2. Then, click on "Settings"

3. Click on "Control Panel"
This will open the "Control Panel Window".

4. Double Click on ADD/REMOVE Programs.
This will open the "Add/Remove Programs Properties Dialog Box".

5. Use the Scroll bar to find Paint Shop Pro 7.

6. Click once to Highlight Paint Shop Pro 7.

7. Click on the "ADD/REMOVE" button. This is locate in the right hand corner of the dialog box.

A window may appear that says "Windows Installer" then it will disappear. (On some systems this window comes and goes so fast you don't even notice it).
Then the Paint Shop Pro 7- Jasc Software Inc. dialog box will appear.
This window will say "Welcome to the installer for Paint Shop Pro 7"

8. Click the "NEXT" button.
This will take you to the "Program Maintenance" window.

In the "Program Maintenance" window there are three (3) radio buttons Modify, Repair, or Remove Program.

9. Select the THIRD radio button. This will say "REMOVE"

10. Then click "Next" button.
This will open the "Remove the Program" window.

11. Click the "Remove" button.
This will start the uninstaller.

9 During install I get an error that says "Bad Cabinet Error 2352"? Users receiving the 2352 error will need to update their Windows Installer to version 1.1. This can be done by downloading the appropriate version for your operating system here.



10 Autosave file corrupt?

The autosave data is stored in your temp files path (go to file->preferences->file locations and read the location from the "Undo/Temporary Files" location. Autosave data consists of an .ats file that PSP uses to reopen things, and a PSP file for each of your open files. You can start by deleting the .ats file - that will let PSP open normally. Now try opening the PSP files via the browser or file->open. Likely only one of them got corrupted by the freeze, or if you are lucky it was just the .ats file that is corrupt and all of your images are still safe. Once you have everything recovered just delete the psp files from the temp directory. -Joe

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