50 My layer Palette is locking up with Windows XP?

Nancy from Jasc Quality Assurance Department posted the following: Please contact technical support regarding this issue. They are trying to pin down exactly what's happening. We know it has to do with the particular video card you are using, but even with an exact card duplicate, we have not been able to duplicate the error in-house.

Here's some of what we know:  PSP locks up when trying to display the layer thumbnails in the layer palette. (Again, only under some 'mysterious' condition that we haven't completely nailed down.)

For many people the following steps have resolved the hang.

1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel
2. Double click the System icon
3. In the System Properties dialog box click the Advanced tab
4. Under the Advanced tab click the Settings button located in the Performance area
5. Remove the check from Fade or Slide Tool Tips into View
6. Click OK to make this setting active in Windows, and to close the dialog box

Again, Please...PLEASE contact technical support regarding this so they can log your information and we can get a better profile of the environment where it happens. If you email, please include video card and driver information as well as any dongles and other peripherals you may have attached to your machine. Please also include whether or not the workaround worked for you.


Here is a little follow-up to number 50 on the PSP FAQ:

When I first got PSP7 I ran into this problem. My graphics card was an Nvidia TNT2 with 32mb of memory. I'd called Jasc and they told me how to fix it. A while later I bought a new card, an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500. After installing the card I experienced the same problem.  I had to go back into the system settings and put the check back in the Fade or Slide Tool Tips into View.

So in short, with the Nvidia card I had to remove the check and with the ATI card I had to put it back. In any case, I'm grateful for the PSP FAQ because I had forgotten just what Jasc told me to do to fix the problem and late Saturday night isn't a real great time to get hold of tech support. -Brian

50b Part of the stuff on my Layer palette has disappeared?
Now I can only find the stuff just on the right half of that palette?

There is a drag-able separator bar between the two panes. You may be able to fix this by dragging near the left inside edge of the layer palette dialog. If you can't? It can probably be fixed by editing the registry. Try the drag first, if that doesn't work, then do the following:

  • Exit PSP
  • In the windows Start menu, select Run
  • Type regedit and press OK

  • Save your registry settings now! Run regedit. Do File / Export. At the bottom of the dialog, select "Selected branch", and enter "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Jasc" (without the quotes). Give it a file name and save it. Now if it happens again, and we have trouble fixing it, you can easily restore all of your settings by importing the file you just saved with regedit.

  • Follow the path: My Computer> HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Jasc> Paint Shop Pro 7 > LayerPalette (Select layerpalette)
  • In the right pane, look at the values of VSplitterWndLeft and VSplitterWndRight. If, as I suspect, the VSplitterWndLeft size (the number in parentheses) is 0 or very small, then try setting VSplitterWndLeft to 100 and VSplitterWndRight to 104.

  • exit the registry editor.
  • Restart PSP             -Gary

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