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You control the horizontal
You control that vertical
You control the content
You control the lighting
You control the colors
You control the style
You get to drive
Driving is good


Usable bits of business can pop up all over the place.
Learn to spot salvageable source materials.

Removed everything but pipes.
Adjusted their lighting & colors.
Made three duplicate copies.
Mirrored and flipped
and reassembled
those four pieces.

Not this one, that dark one -->
Spotting salvageable materials

The source image for the logo at the top of these pages was spied in a mirror's reflection in an old lighting test photo taken at my desk.


Yep, this one.   Well, it was bigger. :)
Adding text turns a background scraplet into a logo.
The clone tool smoked the fan blade
Enhance Photo tools handled the lighting.

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