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It's so darned easy to take bad pictures of attractive people

Clone tool minimizes some harshness of the frosted eye shadow, smoothed out rougher forehead areas, and softened some under eye shadowing. Clone was also used to soften that bright spot on her chin, and to tone down the "too wet" lips, that are a reflection of the flash.

Manual Color Correction may well have been employed, to shift skin tones over more into beige shades.  Though I honestly cannot recall. It is a tool I'll usually grab for these kind of jobs.

Airbrush sprayed on a new layer, adds some peach blush to cheeks. Decreasing the opacity on that cheek blush layer softens the effect.

Deformation tool applied to selections of hair, means it can then be pulled wider, making that hair appear thicker and fuller.

Retouch tool > Darken RGB helps to better define her lash line and eyeliner.

Keep a sharp eye open
for telltale signs

Lightening that image will reveal some poorly blended lines in her hair.  Signs that go shouting, "Come see our touch ups and fake stuff right here". Never assume what you personally are looking at on your monitor, is the one and only story. :)

Carefully sniff around all images to confirm that your touch-ups are indeed seamless. A better original selection (or a little more work with my Eraser or Clone) would have easily eliminated those little give away clues.