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In retouching it's always best to know when to show some restraint. To know when to quit.
Effects Menu> Enhance Photo > Manual Color Correction for her lighting and coloring. Push or Clone tools to reshape and lift eyebrows to change expression. Push tool and layers to refine nose and minimize her flared nostrils.
Push tool to make hair fuller, Twirl filter to perm it. Push tool reshapes her bone structure along the forehead, temple, cheekbone & nose. Retouch tool > Hue to Target> to soften and recolor her harsh eye shadow. Selected lips and recolored them. There are many different way to recolor lips & I don't recall which was used here. Looks like perhaps it was a flood filling of the selected lips on a new layer set at an Overlay or a Color blend mode.   Push tool to shift and reduce the thickness of the bridge of her nose. At the same time the nose was being shifted the pushing also enlarged her left eye.

Clone tool to remove creases frown and dark shadows. Push tool to close mouth and reshape eyebrow to change expression. Push tool to thicken the back of her neck, just for the fun of it because changing her jaw line added weight to the face, so I pushed out the neck too. I seem to recall that her hair was also made fuller though that change isn't visible in these two samples. She was quite thin with a small skull and very short hair so I pulled out the skull and hair a bit more, to balance better with the heavier face and thicker neck.
Selected fuller hair from the back and transplanted it to the front by putting some of it up on a new layer and shifting/rotating it forward,using the eraser to better blend the new material with the forehead scalp below. Ears and nose were shortened. Sag below the chin was minimized and teeth were lightened. The dark shadows and lines were minimized with the Clone tool. The dip in the back of his hair was filled out for a better overall shape. There are lots of ways to do that, I don't recall which was used.
Lots of pushing on new layers and colors changes by a couple plinking arounds with the Manual Color Correction. Additional rebuilt hair was probably from some cloning and/or combination of cloning and pushing. It is pretty ghastly, but still kind of makes me smile.

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Mostly Clone and Push tool with some other colors correction. She's still mighty darned green, and I should have completely recolored her. Lily was a practice test sample, and her project was never completed. As I recall, the hardest part to get believable in her expression change were the pursed lips. It's a subtle thing, but that area between her nose and lips felt like a pistol to deal with that day.
Looks like mostly layers and blend modes, with some sepia filters and airbrushing for those apple cheeks. I needed a tiny face that could blend into a light background to be used as buttons and don't recall any specifics.

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