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Got some eyebrows you'd like to refine?
Open up the lid area more?
Without killing off the entire afternoon?

Now, by 'thinner' you are referring to quality of hair growth, not narrower, right?
No, I also meant narrower. That's the beauty of it. It's like the whole brow gets itself thinned and plucked, yet still retains all its original natural shape. Completely accomplished without cloning, without pushing, without repainting, and without any requirement for delicate talented mouse handwork. Which, from where I sit, seems like a pretty darned good deal to me.



This is extremely easy to do!

1. Duplicate your layer.

2. Run this new layer through your Dilate



3. CUT away ALL the contents of that new layer. Right-click the title bar of the image, and choose CUT.

The layer now appears empty. All you can see will be the original image residing on the layer below. That fine, not to worry.

4. Grab an Eraser with a real soft edge and Reverse Erase (use the right mouse button) thinner brows back in over the top of the original thicker ones, still peeking up from the lower layer.

Want them thinner? Hit your Dilate one mo' time, to reduce them even more.


The key is finding the proper eraser brush settings to REVERSE ERASE your thinner brows back into view. Soft edges on that eraser helps them blend seamlessly in with the original image data on the lower layer.

It requires some consideration for what brush settings are chosen

Experiment around for yourself. It's the very best way to grasp how all that stuff works. This is a far more valuable tip than being hand-fed a precise number you'll just forget five minutes later, if you blindly follow my recommendations.

Go figure out why each of these settings Size Hardness Opacity Step Density
are doing what they are doing!

Once you have a decent handle on that, you'll be able apply it to numerous situations with all of your brushes.
Color Replacer
19 Retouch Brushes

Grab this sample with two very diverse subjects for practice

Test drive your Dilate on the beard and nostrils of the male subject too. Discover how Dilate can be utilized as a potential beard thinner [try Erode for a thickener], and your nostril surgeon.

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