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100 pictures
(and stuff we can do them)

There may be a few notes and captions along the way, but these are not tutorials. Simply leftovers, scraps and doodles, along with a few examples that were whipped up to illustrate one point or another, over in our newsgroup.

Most of the images were edited with a wheel mouse, and using native Paint Shop Pro features. My current mouse is a Logitech Cordless Optical MouseMan. This toad eats batteries like popcorn, but I am still very fond of him.  Rechargeable batteries have minimized the annoyances of his appetite. My tablet is the smaller Intuos2. If you don't need the tilt feature, then their Graphire2 is a superb tool, selling for half the price.  Unless you have tracing needs, those smaller 4x5 tablets are generally preferred by most of the tablet users I know. Smaller tablets require less desk space, less arm movement, and offers friendlier pricing.

In the few instances where outside filters were employed - it has been noted.

Need additional instruction?

Find links to indexing sites for access to over six thousand PSP tutorials & assorted resources.  Find a list of forums.  After market PSP books can be purchased through most book retailers. Reading your manual and the online HELP also offers considerable benefits.

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Posting all questions directly to our newsgroup, provides instant access to all our participants, and a treasure chest of Paint Shop Pro knowledge.

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