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bulleteraser.gif   What you can accomplish
with the Precision Background Eraser

This description of how to use the Precision Background Eraser concludes with a few examples of just what you can accomplish with this tool. The examples should give you a sense of the performance you can expect from the Background Eraser when used with the appropriate settings and of what it can do for you. Most of the original images were larger when processed and have been reduced in size for display here.

The first example shows a how the Precision Background Eraser can help with the common task of replacing an uninteresting sky with a more dramatic one. Selecting around the tree by hand would be extremely tedious. The colors in the tree, sky and distant hazy hills are sufficiently variable to make a Magic Wand selection difficult. A density mask approach could be used instead but this is an advanced technique that needs a lot of fiddling. In actuality, the sky was erased with exactly eight clicks of the Precision Background Eraser at a Size of 500 – fewer would have been required had the image been smaller – and a gradient layer was slipped below the erased layer to provide the new sky. The entire process took less than one minute. (The original image size was 1014 x 1464 pixels.)






The second example shows that the Precision Background Eraser can be used to separate extremely similar colors. The two horses have essential the same color of coat. In the region where the two horses touch a small brush was used to carefully define the edge. A reduced brush Hardness helped to smooth out this edge, which would otherwise be a little ragged because of the very similar colors in the object (foreground horse) and background (partly hidden horse). Bear in mind that you can soften ragged edges after erasing by using the Soften brush at a small size (e.g. 20) and a reduced opacity (e.g. 30). This, however, was not needed for horse image. The rest of the background was removed quickly with a very large brush and remnants of the partly hidden horse were eliminated by unconditional erasing using Spacebar. Note how the Precision Background Eraser retains the fly-away hair of the horse’s mane. (The original image size was 1464 x 1038 pixels.)


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