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PSP8 What's new?

Inside outside feather
Actions Required
Script Output

Shape based antialias
Black & White Point
Seamless tile
Chroma subsampling
Grey World
Recover antialias
Warp Quality

Warping & Selections
Warp Brush outlines
Background Eraser
Selections & Tolerance
Magic Wand
Pen Tool
File locations

Can you recommend any PSP8
books to help me get started?

A decent manual ships with the program, though still doesn't go nearly far enough.

These two Camp Ratty recommended after market books are both well worth their small investments.  They can be found at most online vendors, and local bookstores.

Shop around for the best available pricing - or be a sucker like me who pays full retail the first time you see them.  Either way, it's a bargain.


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