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Background Eraser

Inside outside feather
Actions Required
Script Output

Shape based antialias
Black & White Point
Seamless tile
Chroma subsampling
Grey World
Recover antialias
Warp Quality

Warping & Selections
Warp Brush outlines
Background Eraser
Selections & Tolerance
Magic Wand
Pen Tool
File locations


Background Eraser

In PSP X the keyboard shortcut to switch between Background Eraser and the regular Eraser is reassigned from

In the infinite wisdom of the clueless, this stroke of idiocy cannot be changed by customization. Learn to live with it or complain to Corel, then learn to live with it.


Digital Camera Noise Removal

Chromatic Aberration 1.7 MB

These PDFs are large files. Please help Ratty conserve bandwidth by saving them to your own hard drives on that very first viewing.





 Classic Questions
01 PSP's color Palette is confusing?
1b My transparent GIF isn't?
02 Installing PSP problem?
2b My .gif drop shadows look bad?
03 Filters & Plugins don't work?
04 Tool I need is grayed out?
05 SAVE AS won't default to jpg?
06 What's with my toolbars?
07 I'm confused about masks?
7b How do I make photo edges?
08 What are Tubes?
09 PSP stole my file associations?
10 Thin edge line around my image?
11 Bitmap versus vector?
12 What's the alpha channel?
13 Aging photos & sepia tones?
14 Getting PSP free?
15 Fonts & PSP?
16 Blending images?
17 Fill text with patterns?
18 What does PSP do?
19 I want to fade my photo edges?
20 Do I set my Monitor Gamma?
21 What's my real file size?
23 16 million colors are too many.
25 Hidden shortcuts, secret stuff?
26 Installing the program & patches?
27 Confusing file formats?

1 Error stating Error 2355 when trying to install?
2 Trying to install, the installer disappears?
3 An Uninstall asks me for the install file that I don't have?
4 Can't remove the "Browse with Paint Shop Pro" entry?
5 Quickie cleanup for minor glitches?
6 Install error that says " Error 1316 "?
7 Is PSP 7 compatible with Windows 2000?
8 I go to uninstall PSP7 & it begins to install?
9 I get error saying "Bad Cabinet Error 2352"?

10 Autosave file is corrupt?
11 JCMYK.DLL file & missing export MFC42DLL:6880?
11b MSVCIRT.DLL linked to missing export MSVCRT.Dll:??_
12 Error " or "Do you wish to save image????" or "Untitled__"
13 Finding my button in that Customize toolbars box?
14 PSP launches a new copy when I double-click image?
15 I'm confused by background & transparent in PSP?
16 Jackie's color gel tip.

17 Can't see recent files listed on FILE menu?
18 Maintaining correct aspect ratio on Deformations?
19 I found my program opened "off screen"?
20 Extensis MaskPro isn't working with PSP?
21 PSP 7 isn't recognizing Intellihance?
22 I want to start up in a different directory?
23 PSP cannot capture from its own workspace?

24 Reset registry the easy way.
25 Can't do a "Find" in the help file?
26 PSP7 runs slow on my computer?
27 Mouse Wheels and zooming?
27b Virtual Memory ?
28 Restores the default values in PSP filters
29 Histogram?
30 Transparent paint brushes?
31 Animals and red-eye?
32 All the preset shapes have a .jsl extension?
33 Dimensions of the grids won't change?
34 Text seems blurry & small fonts are problems?
35 Pixels around my transparent image are white?
36 File association problems?
36b The newsgroup never answered my question?
36c What does O.T. mean?
36d Are there newsgroup rules?
37  Too many file formats in the SAVE list?
38 Setting up ThumbsPlus to view PSP files?
39  My toolbar or menu icons are kind of goofy?
40 Problem or error when I select the shapes tool?
41 Screen Captures inside PSP don't work?
42  Flood fill with an opened image in PSP7? 43     
44 Altering maps with the color replacer tool?
45 Setting up Color Management?
46 Sequence to use for Enhance Photo tools?
47 Why search Google Groups?
Docking tool palettes?
49 Difference in lightening methods for dark photos?
50 Layer Palette locking up with XP?
50bLayer Palette is partially missing?
51 Ansel Adamize


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