9 My file associations were taken over by PSP?

Find a file type on your system that is opening in the wrong applications
(you only need to reset one per file type) in Windows Explorer.

Select (highlight) the file and then Hold down the Shift Key while you click with your right button choosing OPEN WITH.

Pick an application from the list to reassociate your file.  If it's not showing, browse (other) around and find it.

Once you find your application, then
put a check mark in that box saying
Always use this program to open
and click OK.

From now on, that type of file always opens in the application you chose.


I'm still having file association problems?
Open Paint Shop Pro 7, and select File>Preferences>File Format Associations
2. In the resulting dialog, click the "Remove All" button, then click OK to close the dialog
3. Close Paint Shop Pro
4. Open My Computer
5. In My Computer, select View>Folder Options (it may say "Options" if you running an earlier version of Internet Explorer)
6. Click on the File Types tab
7. Scroll through the list and look for three entries JPEG File, PSP File & Paint Shop Pro 7 Image or Paint Shop Pro Image. You may not see every one of these in the list.
8. For each entry that matches the description in the previous step, highlight it and click the Remove button, and click Yes to confirm remove of the file type.
9. Once you've removed them all, go back into Paint Shop Pro 7 and use the File>Preferences>File Format Associations to select the desired image types you want to open with Paint Shop Pro 7, and click OK to close the dialog box.

This should reset things to the way you want to use Paint Shop Pro. I'm not sure why there would be any lingering associations, but I've seen it with PSP (and quite a few other apps) before.

Hope this resolves the problem -David.

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