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10 There is this thin line around the edges of my crops and seamless tiles?

Make sure that anti-aliasing is unchecked and feather is at Zero on the Control Palette of the Selection tool

Click the selection tool to activate it
Make sure your Tool Options box is visible onscreen.  You cannot remove Antialiasing or feathering from an image 'after the fact', so confirm your settings before making selections.

She was okay that first few days.
Now I'm sick of the splash screen?

Registered owners can dump the splash.
Menu> File> Preferences > General Program Preferences > Miscellaneous> Uncheck Show Splash Screen.


I need more working space for my images?

Have you ever undocked any toolbar, put your icons on it, stretched it to a 2 or 3-wide presentation, held down your Control key and placed it under the Colors palette?

It is undocked, but it does use the space wisely, and on my machine in a quick little test, it stays there in multiple sessions. -Nancy


Can't open Photo CD image?
I don't even have any Photo CD images?
File > Preferences > General Program Preferences > Plug-in Filters; Uncheck Enable plug-in automatic file format identification.

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