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 13 How can I age my photo and give it that sepia tone look?

< Different colorize settings for each layer

Recoloring your image
Menu> Colors> Colorize
Begin with these settings
adjust controls as desired

Adust the shadows (make your blacks blacker)

Version 5
Menu Colors> Adjust> Highlight/Midtone/Shadow
Increase the shadow slowly up from zero
until you like what you see.

Version 6
Menu> Layers> New Adjustment Layer> Levels
Type a higher number than zero in the Input level's first field
and further experiment with the controls.

Experiment with your Colors> Adjust> Brightness Contrast,
depending on your original photo and the desired effect.

Add some noise for aging  (not shown in examples)
Menu> Image> Add Noise
settings 10%-15% Uniform




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