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14 Where do I get PSP for free?

Sorry, you don't, however you do get a generous free trial period.  Many group members have expressed disgust with anyone attempting to leech off us by seeking or providing pirated software through the cgapsp newsgroup. This includes tiresome crack requests to disable or extend the timed trial period.  No matter how pitiful and self serving the sob-story may be, the answers will always be no, go away.

In addition to the "Hello, that's stealing" aspect, attempting to get it free ends up costing all of us a lot more in the long run.  If you can afford internet access and are spending time online then you can afford PSP.  It's is priced lower than all other popular graphics software and with the generous trial period you have got a full sixty days to use it while you are saving up to buy it.

Everyone wants good software reasonably priced.  In buying good programs, we encourage the companies to write ever better code, and keep those prices reasonable.

It's worth pointing out that Jasc regularly monitors this group (along with most of the filter makers) so posting links to pirated software frequently results in legal action and reports to the abuser’s ISP.

Post that kind of material and prepare to be flamed, the post forwarded to legal and the poster personally reported to their ISP for illegal activities or terms of service violations.




A fully functional time trial version is here.  Check it out yourself. 
You get thirty days free plus another thirty with a nag.  
Like it-buy it.  
Then c'mon back to the group
and we'll help you learn how to use it.
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