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19 How do I make faded backgrounds & those faded edges?

 1. Feather the edges

 2. Lower the opacity

 3. Mask with a linear gradient


oval selection 40 feather

rectangle selection 19 feather

1. Feather image edges into the background

  • Have your 16 million color image on a background layer
  • Make a selection with the marquee tool
  • Choose Menu> Selections> Modify> Feather
    (the larger the feather the softer the fade)
  • Menu> Selections> Invert
  • Set background color at a color you want your image to fade into (we used white)
  • Hit delete



 2. Fading images for use in backgrounds 
  • Duplicate your background layer
  • Flood fill the original background layer with
    your desired background color (we used white) or pattern
  • Lower the opacity on the new Copy of Background layer by
    adjusting its Opacity Slider until you see something you like.
  • Merge or Flatten your layers before you SAVE.




There are many additional intermediate and advanced ways to achieve faded effects.

How to: Faded image for background?
Here's another method answering the same question.
Most times when I see this sort of description, the person is asking about
'Milking out a layer' so that it's a pale image. It's pretty simple to create using layers.

Load the image, create a new layer and fill the new layer with white.  Adjust this white layer's transparency (opacity) slider (right side of the layer palette) until the view is Milked- out.  
Do a Menu> Layers> Merge layers.


3. Fade an edge over into the background

  • Select your layer
  • Menu> Masks> New> Show all
  • Menu> Masks> Edit
  • Menu.> Masks> View Mask
  • *Fill Tool settings
    Linear Gradient
    Blend- Normal
    Paper Tex- None
    Match mode- None
    Gradient- Foreground to Background
    Foreground color=White
    Background color= Black
    Angle= 90
  • Click image to see your mask do a linear fade
  • Menu> Masks> Delete (say merge the mask)

* PSP7 Click the Colors Palette foreground swatch below STYLES to engage the flyout.  Set that second item from the left which is your gradient style selection.  Now click on that foreground area again to select a specific gradient from the Gradients Dialog Box.

Mask with a linear gradient



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