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Double click selections

Double click on your selections button to find this dialog box that creates pixel precise selections.




Preferences and Dialog boxes


 Floating toolbars & palettes can find their own way home
Double click title bars to
send them right back home to their last docked position

Rightclick any toolbars or palette
for easy access to everybody

 Rightclick any
palette or toolbar
this menu pops right up








Resize thumbnails in a flash....

Who wants to trail up all the way up to the file menu for the preferences box ...when you can just Rightclick the browser & change your setting?


Right clicking any blank space area on the
image browser background produces
General Preference options


Enable Rulers
for a bonus shortcut

Double click rulers on the
image for lightning fast access
to General Preference options.


I like engaging rulers for speedier access in resetting grids.



There's real handy stuff on your status bar
Those flying numbers constantly update where you are, and what you're doing.   


Keep a close eye down on your status bar for the continually updating precise readouts on your current mouse position selection sizes & positions rotations degree sizing updates line positions & more

(161x161) shown in this example wasn't just a bunch of flying numbers
It was the updating readout of my circle dimensions while dragging the circle

But, I don't like flashing math ...

Get over it
start paying closer attention
It's reporting a lot of important stuff you have been dying to know


When absolute precision
is required on that crop

Double click the crop tool


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