26 How do I install my new version?

Stash any tubes textures or presets you've created in another safekeeping folder outside of PSP.  Use Window's Add Remove Programs feature to uninstall your previous version.  

Should you encounter difficulty (not likely) from Window's ADD REMOVE PROGRAM in removing PSP ... Get yourself over to PSP's main folder & execute the Unwise .exe file in that directory to start PSP's uninstall. (This is exactly the same file the ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS goes looking for.)

From Windows Explorer ... highlight that old leftover Paint Shop Pro folder skeleton deleting it along with its contents.  

Reboot (Restart) your computer.

Close ALL the programs currently running on your computer except systray and explorer.  Pressing Control Alt Delete (at the same time) presents a box telling you what programs are currently running on your computer.

Pop your CD into the drive & install a fresh clean version to a fresh new directory. (For downloaded versions ... browse to your downloaded file & double click it.)

There are some shortcuts to installing PSP since it's generally a pretty friendly program to install. however to head off potential problems (with system conflicts) this method is pretty solid and should work well for everyone.

Can I still keep & use my older registered version while I learn my way around the newer version?  Sure, all registered version are quite compatible, so long as they are installed into completely separate directories.

Installing Patches:  Close all programs running in the background (including Paint Shop Pro) & double click the patch file.  Patches are free & will only install on registered versions.

If my program runs okay, should I still install the patch?  Yes, patches generally have bug or system compatibility fixes and sometimes may even offer new features or enhancements.

Leftover registry settings causing problems? (delete registry settings)

Start> Programs> Paint shop Pro> to start the program.  As it loads immediately hit CTRL+ALT on the keyboard (Timing is essential & you may have to do it several times)  When it grabs, PSP will ask you if you want to delete your registry settings.  Say yes.

Your settings will rebuild & Paint Shop Pro should run normally. If you have trouble following these steps, contact technical support directly techsup@jasc.com for further instructions.  You do wipe out all your custom toolbars and general preference settings with this procedure


  • Installing the Trial version of PSP 7
  • It runs fine with your regular installed earlier versions of Paint Shop Pro.
  • It installs to its own Jasc folder.
  • Uninstalling 7 trial version shouldn't affect your normal earlier versions of PSP, it's a separate program that will install to a completely different folder.
  • You will see some changes in basic installation procedures.  Follow on-screen directions & let it install to its own folder.  

Protect your earlier version files

  • PSP 7 created .psp images cannot be opened with earlier versions of PSP.
  • Once PSP 7 images get saved to standard formats like gif & jpg they can be opened & used by any image program including all the earlier versions of PSP.
  • PSP7 files (.psp) look the same as earlier versions in Windows Explorer, but they cannot be opened or viewed without PSP7.
  • We can save 7's layered image files to the Photoshop format & maintain layers info.
  • Click the OPTIONS button in the SAVE dialog box & save as your files PSP6 or PSP5 compatible. The file will lose any PSP7 specific attributes.

My gradients blends aren't smooth?

Gradients seen by monitors set below 24 bit True Color may not be have enough viewing colors available to make the smooth transition from color to color.

To see smoother gradients increase your colors from the Windows Display Properties to High Color (24 bit 16 million colors)

To smooth out those images being viewed at less than True Color 24 bit (currently over 50% of the surfing population) Add UNIFORM NOISE 3-5% from the IMAGE menu

When designing web images with your monitor on True Color
remember to preview them at that High Color (16K colors) setting if you want to know what over 50% of your visitors are actually seeing.  (Rightclick desktop & choose> Properties> Settings)

AOL users greatly improve the quality of your web images by unchecking Show Compressed Graphics.  Unless you have an ancient computer & modem, it really won't slow down your surfing pleasure a bit. (as inferred in that box) Those stingy default browser settings only serve AOL's bottom line profits & certainly not your interests as the paying customer.  Change those settings.  My AOL/ Preferences/ WWW/Web Graphics/ Show Compressed Graphics (uncheck it ... uncheck it.... uncheck it) This also eliminates that low quality .art extension file format by leaving pictures in their originally created higher quality formats.


Can't open Photo CD image?
I don't even have any stinking Photo CD images?
File > Preferences > General Program Preferences > Plug-in Filters;
Uncheck Enable plug-in automatic file format identification.


I purchased by download & need a manual?  Call Jasc, they usually offer reasonably priced manuals to registered customers who have purchased by download. There are also assorted third party books on PSP available.

Where do I find the best price on PSP?  This changes.  Do a Google search or post to the newsgroup for the latest on who currently offers the best PSP price.  

You can also order directly from Jasc.  Current pricing for filters & assorted PSP accessories are regularly discussed in the newsgroup.  

If you can't get to the newsgroup. Search Google discussions

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