PSP7 questions 36b-36d

 36b I asked for help but never got the answer?

Lots of different stuff ...
causes lots of different stuff

Number one: Did you actually provide enough info so that someone could actually help you?

Peer newsgroups & tech-supports aren't populated with psychics & mind readers.  No one can type up everything that "might" fit your scenario. Unfortunately there are always plenty of vairables.

A big yelping HELP!!! with excessive exclamation tells folks absolutely nothing useful. (Okay, it may say that the author is still too hysterical and frustrated to actually follow much advice.)

You need to provide worthwhile details.

Your job is to always provide usable information and clues!

  • If you seek a technique or procedure, be as specific as possible.
  • If you have a technical problem, what are your system details?
  • Exactly what's happening right now, & what were you doing before this happened?
  • Got printer or video problems?  Do you have the latest drivers installed?
  • What other programs have you got running in the background?
  • Has you installed or uninstalled anything new lately that could have contributed?
  • Are you seeing files accumulating and piling up in your Windows TEMP folder? (Dump them all)
  • Always include as much precise information as you can get your paws on!
  • Always include the version of PSP you are using. (Menu> Help >About Paint Shop Pro)
  • Have you run your Scan Disk & Defrag lately to check for system problems & tidy up?
    PSP is fairly stable & won't usually flake, unless there were other conflicts first.

Transform thyself from hapless drive-by techno-victim
into seeker of truth & finder of culprits!
You need to help us help you by coughing up better clues! More clues! Some clues? Any clue? A glimmer of a clue? A remote vague whisper of a fraction of a clue you might have passed in the hall on the way to this current nervous breakdown?

What's the scoop man?

We understand how stuff going wrong get all painful and frustrating.

Nevertheless, you will still need to suck it up, get a better grip, to begin sorting out and providing some necessary details

Patches are free to registered users.  Always grab & install the very latest patch with all the most recent enhancements & fixes for your version.

Sucking it up!

Pulling on a Sherlock Holmes hat and tracking down useful clues, often turns our exasperating frustrations into victory hunts.

Once our hunt that sucker down Game's afoot Plan gets underway? That change of mental gear frequently helps neutralize some of those bitter pills we find hidden in our bags of techno-candy.  Okay, we may still be limping off to bed, but our tails are no longer down between our legs.


36c  What does that O.T. in those subject lines mean?
O.T. indicates that a post is OFF the TOPIC of the group subject. It gets put up there as a courtesy to others who don't have the time (nor interest nor cash) to read material that's not on the real topic of the group.  Seeing an OT in a header indicates that a savvy participant is exersizing consideration for others.

36d  Are there specific newsgroup rules?
It's fairly relaxed & casual. We're not bunch of rule-mongering nit-pickers, who ever sweat the small stuff.

We ask that you please:

  • Behave decently toward others at all times.
  • Do not endorse or condone any thefts or illegal activities.
  • Post only in plain text. Turn off the HTML in your newsreader.
  • Adhere to topics that are about Paint Shop Pro.
  • Use OT in the subject line of all posts you SEND that are not on the specific topic of PSP.
  • Do not spam the newsgroup.
  • Post no binaries; which means no attachments.
    Place all your consultation images up on the web somewhere
    and tell us where to find them. An alternative is to upload them to: news:alt.binaries.comp-graphics

Our all free (pretty much around the clock) user-to-user volunteer assistance, is thanks to the many returning regulars. Tips tricks and solutions frequently delivered with a sense of humor, plenty of experience, and a pretty fair grasp of "where you're coming from".

We don't have any latent desires to rule-monger or nit-pick the inconsequential.  Most of the regular participants are an extremely decent bunch.  However, they are also not the least bit gutless.  If you indulge in dirtbag behaviors?  Best brace yourself for consequences.  Dirtbag behavior is severely frowned upon.  While we most genuinely attempt to be kind, and do sincerely strive to be helpful?  That's never been spelled p-u-s-h-o-v-e-r-s.  Welcome to our group!

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