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It's easy to loftily advise someone to "go take a better picture". In the real world, that luxury isn't always possible.  There will be plenty of times when we have to do the best we can "with what we've got".  Forego the whining, stop the panicking, and just get busy making-do,with whatever piece of crap is currently in our hands.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, photo editing software

Realtor photo taken out of season. Everything was weary and blah. Sure, it could have been cooked-up even further, but we genuinely wanted to end up with a fair representation. Why tick-off prospective buyers with false claims. However, subtle enhancements are good marketing.

Retouch> Saturation Up (pool water) Retouch> Color to Target (shrubs)

To liven things up a bit more, the layer was duplicated using the OVERLAY blend mode, and then kissed with an Unsharp Mask to crisp up its fuzzy edges.


Lame realtor shot that only had one thing going for it. The general composition, where the cottage is sweetly nestled in the woods with its fairy tale feel? That was played up.

Retouch Palette> Saturation Up repaints life back into the trees and flowers. Unsharp Mask was also employed to crisp up some fuzz.

Some ability to provide a few extra details is often a plus. Okay, maybe not always, but usually. <grin>

Photo enhancing tools can make short business of dark shadowy fuzzy shots.

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