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Layer Blend Modes
Clone tool reshaped brows
Unsharp Mask to kill fuzz



Distortion tool and two duplicated layers
Top layer for lowering the upper lip to better cover gums.
Second layer to elongate teeth with the distortion tool.
Eraser tool was used on both layers to blend all the edges together.




Actually bothering to read some instructions
Yes, even our stinking manuals,
often makes life easier.



Coloring courtesy of Manual Color Correction
Slimming via the Retouch tool > Push
Unsharp Mask as fuzz killer


Birthday invitation detail
for my sister-in law's 40th party.

Most color photos start out
at 16.7 million colors.

Dorian's picture was converted to Grey Scale, and given two new empty layers. Grey scale reduces colors to 256.

The image Color Depth was then increased to 16.7 million so the image could be colored, and all the PSP tools would work.  Most PSP tools require 16.7 million colors in order to be available. It's best to always work in 16.7 million colors (also called 24 bit) until you are ready to SAVE your image, to keep all of PSP's tools at your disposal.

The first layer was a normal blend mode. Pink was airbrushed on this layer to color the cheeks.

The second layer (Overlay blend mode) was used for her lips.




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