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Enhance Photo tools

Edge Preserving Smooth

The clone tool removed some eyeglasses glare, fixed the Munchkin's boo-boo, along with a wild strand of her hair.

I just gave up and left most of Uncle Alan's hair alone. That is, except for revealing a tad more of a smiling lip beneath his beard.

Retouch Tool> Color to Target recolored his shirt to better blend with Munchkin's outfit, and their frame.  

Frame was courtesy of the Picture Frame Wizard that can be found on the Image menu.







    • Duplicate the original layer
    • heavily blur the duplicated layer
    • set its blend mode to darken
    • Colorize filter for the aged sepia look


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Help, that feature I need is grayed out?
Remember to Increase Color Depth (Colors Menu)
on your images to 16 million,
so all features remain available to you.

    • menu> Colors> Increase Color Depth
    • Menu > Colors > Colorize