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These Boys went a couple rounds with the Clarify tool (full strength, none of that watered-down crap).  Then they stopped off for some Edge Preserving Smooth (around 8), and finished up with some Unsharp Mask. Just to shake off the fuzz, and get a better edge back on.

Daphne's simple tasteful edge courtesy of: Menu > Image > Add Borders


Daphne Moon
fur on her back instead of her tongue,
several passes of Clarify Tool (jacked up to max)
Manual Color Correction to warm up her colors
Edge Preserving Smooth
Unsharp Mask


Menu > Effects > Enhance Photo

These deceptively simple looking tools appear rather basic, but don't be fooled!  They are some bad boys who are packing some real punch. They provide serious finesse for beginners and advanced users alike.  Get yourself up into the PSP menus to discover where all the very best bodies are buried.  Enhance Photo tools are at the very top of the heap. They provide a goldmine of photo fixing opportunities, that are simply not available anywhere else.


Plain old two color B&W gifs, can always be easily edited into any colors you like.