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Vintage Ratty tutorial notes version 5

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Restore Faded

Red-Eye Repair

Animal Red Eye

Repair Glassy eye

Enhance Tone
Sometimes photos can fade due to age, or exposure to light. The symptoms are often an unusual color cast, and dull colors lacking contrast among pixels. Learn to identify and correct this problem. An otherwise perfect shot looks terrible if a person has red-eye. Learn how to use the Redeye correction feature to rid redeye and pefect your image. Be amazed how quickly these can be fixed. Correcting redeye in animals sometimes requires a manual selection on the Redeye Removal feature. Here you will learn how to make a point to point selection to correct Redeye. Pet's image riddled with a glassy eye look? No problem. In this tutorial you learn to correct glassy eye, leaving the image with realistic color in eyes. Do you have a photo that lacks real color vibrancy? Bring your colors to life by using Levels color channels & increase color tonality.

Appearance I

Appearance II

Appearance III

Enhance Eyes

Lighten Under Eyes
Use the Deformation tool to adjust the nose, and use the Clone to hid all evidence of editing. Clone out hair strands on the face. Give a person whiter teeth. In this tutorial you will learn to get rid of dull teeth, replacing them with pearly whites. Want to peel a couple of years off a face? In this tutorial you will learn how to remove wrinkles to look years younger. Do you have a photo where the whites of the subject's eyes are red with small pupils? Learn enhancing eyes by ridding the reds and improving the pupils. Sometimes a subject has dark rings under the eyes from lack of sleep or poor lighting. Rid the darkness using the Lightness to Target mode of the Retouch tool. Also zap freckles.

Colorize Photos II

Color Cast repair


Color Balance

Changing Color
Bring a black and white photograph into the color zone by using selections and layer blend modes, as well as the Color to Target mode of the Retouch tool. Do you have a photograph with a color cast through it? In this tutorial you learn how to eliminate green color cast, and to bring out more details in the photograph. Photo too dull and too grey in tone? Learn to adjust the image's white, black and midtones to improve contrast and detail with Histogram Adjustment Learn how to identify a color cast in an image, and how to correct it. Understand how to adjust highlight, midtones and shadows. Use the Dropper tool to do sampling of image areas Use Manual Color Correction to change colors in your whole picture or just a selected object without losing shading or details. Use the Magic Wand to select any area to change, then use a preset color to replace your original color.

Sp Light Effects II

Night Photos

Darken Objects

Lighten RGB mode

Add Tone to B & W
Got have a photograph taken at night that could benefit from some extra lighting? Learn how to make light beams to enhance night scenes. In this tutorial you will learn how to enhance night lighting like street lights and neon signs. Use a number of selections and blend modes to brighten specific areas. Learn to use the Darken RGB mode of the Retouch tool, to darken a faded area of an image. Using selections to isolate edits to specific areas. Take a bland image and bring it to light using Lighten RGB on the Retouch tool. Make a lightened area to help the object stand out in the design. Learn how to do multicolor toning on a black and white photograph. Learn to adjust hightlights, midtones and shadows to create a color tension in the image.

Color to B&W 1

Color to B&W 2

Color to B&W 3

Color to B&W 4

Color to B&W 5
Learn one method of turning a color photograph into a black and white. Use the Greyscale feature in Paint Shop Pro, and enhance it further using the automatic contrast feature and sharpening. Learn another method to turn a color photograph into a black and white. Use RGB channel splitting to identify the best starter image, and then enhance the channel using Levels and sharpening. Use HSL channel spitting to get a black and white image from a color photograph. Enhance the starter image by using sharpening to bring out detail in image objects. Make your color photograph black and white by using the Hue/Saturation/ Lightness feature, and enhance the results furhter using the powerful Clarify filter. Create a fast black and white photograph from a color image by using the Channel Mixer. Enhance the results by applying sharpening to bring out image details.

Using Capture
Learn how to do a number of image capturing types using the built-in capture
utility in Paint Shop Pro. Gain an understanding of setting up the
type of capture to be performed.

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