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6 What's with my toolbars? My palettes are missing?   

Where is my toolbar?
Keep everybody out and visible until you learn who they all are.
To show toolbars:  Menu > View >Toolbars
A dialog box comes up so you can check toolbars you want visible.

I already did that and it's still missing?
Palettes get accidentally moved offscreen out of the visible area.  Return all floating toolbars back to center screen.
PSP 5 or 6 press Control + Shift + T 
version 4.14 press keys Control + Shift + I

I can see the palette, but not all the tools on it?
That's because you don't have enough space at your current resolution.  Increase your screen resolution to at least 800x600.  Are you using large sized toolbars?  If yes, uncheck that option in preferences so you can get more buttons in the same amount of space.  File > Preferences > General Program Preferences > Dialogs

I did that too ... but they still don't fit?
You have installed more buttons than you have space.
It's time to make it a floating palette or remove some buttons.

Right click any toolbar or palette for instant access to toolbars
and to
further customize with additional buttons.

Hot Tip

Press the Tab key
to toggle all floating palettes open/closed,
and get them completely out of your way

Keyboard strokes to toggle toolbars
press L - toggles Layer Palette
press T - toggles main toolbar
press C - toggles Color bar
press H - toggles histogram
press O - toggles Tool Options Box

  • If your Windows taskbar is always in the up position put it down and peek under there.
  • Make sure the picture is active (Menu> Window > click the title) and then just zoom it larger until some portion shows back up onscreen so you can drag it back.
  • Try Menu > Window> Cascade > to return all images to a stack in your workspace.
  • Or, you can make it active (Window menu >click the title) and SAVE it. Close PSP, reopen PSP and reload your picture from the saved file.

Okay, it's not my toolbar,
my picture is missing?
Okay, so we lose stuff ... it happens.

Where is my marquee?
I swear it was there, but now it's gone?
My Marching Ants ... marched away.

Did that Hide Marquee button on your toolbar accidentally get activated? Reset it
I don't have that button installed on my toolbar?
Selections/Hide Marquee or Ctrl-shift M

Have you been scanning or downloading from your camera?
PSP and the twain software aren't always the best of friends, close your acquire software.

Are you using the Magic Wand?  That marquee may be so tiny you can't see it.
Increase your tolerance setting on the Tool Options Palette to include more area tolerance.

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