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16 How can I blend images together?

Reassembling a two part scan back into one image







A  Enlarge the canvas of image A (Menu> Image> Canvas Size) so it can house both pictures.
B  Menu> Layer> Create New Layer and COPY image B onto that new layer
C  Using your MOVE TOOL to scoot and drag both images into place and fit them together.

D  NUDGE THOSE SELECTIONS into place for an absolutely perfect fit:

Menu> Layers> Merge to flatten your layers
Crop away any of your leftover ragged edges.



Use layers, put each picture on its own layer, Set the opacity of layers a little lower than what it will be for the finished product - helping you "see through" to what needs to be erased or added to the picture.

Using the eraser tool (set at a very low hardness and low opacity settings) erase undesirable elements from each layer.  The best thing about using the eraser tool is that when you screw up and erase too much, you can hold down your right mousebutton and it magically redraws whatever you just erased.

Zoom in close, so you can actually see what you are doing. You could also use selection tools to delete portions of layers or backgrounds.

Another way is to use masks.

Blend together two pictures using layers
Put the landscape on Layer 1, and flower on layer 2.
Make layer 2 active by clicking its name in the layer palette
Erase or cut away the flower's white background
Lower the opacity for layer 2 so you can see the landscape behind it.
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